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Rent A Car At Penang

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Convenient Car Rental Delivered to Your Doorstep around Penang

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Penang Car Rental Review

"Second and third time using their services. Again, extraordinary service, car in the good condition and affordable price. Highly recommended!"

Customer Review - Good Penang Car Rental Services  Testimoni kereta sewa puas hati

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5 Star review from hundred of our customer.

Where convenience meets affordability Car Rental

We understand the importance of convenience and affordability. That's why we offer flexible rental options and competitive prices to suit every budget





Penang Car Rental Price 

  • 24 hr

    120 Malaysian ringgits

  • 24 hr

    190 Malaysian ringgits

  • 24 hr

    280 Malaysian ringgits

  • 24 hr

    150 Malaysian ringgits

  • 24 hr

    100 Malaysian ringgits

  • 24 hr

    160 Malaysian ringgits

  • 24 hr

    750 Malaysian ringgits

Penang Car Rental Service

If you're planning a trip or have business matters to attend to in Penang or Bukit Mertajam, car rental services are an essential convenience not to be underestimated. They make your journey more comfortable and hassle-free.

In Penang, one of the leading companies offering car rental services is Pink Pingu Car Rental Penang.

We have a commendable response record, based on my communication with them through WhatsApp. In case you experience delays in receiving a response, you can also contact us via phone call.

What's intriguing is that if you arrive at Penang Airport, Pink Pingu Car Rental provides complimentary car pick-up and delivery services.

Car Rental Penang & Car Rental Bukit Mertajam 

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